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Archive for February, 2007


No more goin’ to the dark side,
With your flyin’ saucer eyes

Atoms for Peace
The Eraser
Thom Yorke


I love this!

good question

Why “extrasolar?”

“An extrasolar planet, or exoplanet, is a planet beyond the Solar System. As of February 2007, the count of known exoplanets stands at 213.”


open house

This is a new blog, of sorts. Like the old one it’ll feature random snippets from whatever I’m doing, listening to, reading, writing, occasionally more serious comments, but don’t expect thousand-word ramblings like that Hal Duncan publishes on his blog. No-one reads more than a few lines on the internet anyway.

Just bear in mind that the listening stuff will change more frequently than the reading stuff. I don’t know about the watching stuff. I don’t have time to watch much stuff. This site should develop in due course. But not much.

So, let’s get the ball rolling with the first keystrokes..

“She didn’t even look,” said a breathless woman holding a crash helmet.

Ray LaMontagne
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
PJ Harvey
Fun Boy Three

The Magus, John Fowles
Espedaire Street, Iain Banks
The Journal of Nicholas the American, Leigh Kennedy
some book about a “true” alien abduction in New York that I can’t remember the name of and it’s downstairs.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks
That Sam Tyler thing… what’s it called? Shit, too many holes in my brain today
Friday Night Project


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