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Dr Who – The Lost Earth

This was a great episode overall. A nice balance of drama with a hint of comedy thrown in here and there. And a tear-jerking Rose-and-the-Doctor-meet-again scene. Ahhh.

The new Davros was stunning, I thought: true to the original(s), but very slightly enhanced. Nicely done. I also liked the invasion scenes. In fact there’s a scene in my first novel – The Affinity Trap – which is visually almost identical to the shot of the Dalek spaceship passing above the houses and zapping people in the streets. Only in Affinity it’s called a purifier gunship, and it’s “cleansing” the streets of those unfortunate enough to live outside the luxury of the gigantic habitat towers.

The doctor regenerating? I didn’t see that coming. I suspect it may only be a partial regeneration, rather than a full makeover. We’ll find out next week, I guess. Although I did see a rumour, I think it was something in an interview, implying that David Tennant wouldn’t confirm that he’d be in the next series. It could all be fluff and bluster. Who knows?

I wasn’t too sure about all the other characters – Sarah Jane, Torchwood, UNIT – coming back in, but it’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do and worked well. Oh, and if you’re wondering what kind of car Sarah Jane drives it’s a Nissan Figaro. They were made only in 1991, and any you see on UK roads are grey (ie unofficial) imports. My wife’s got a grey one; she loves it but I hate the stupid, poxy thing. I absolutely refuse to drive it unless there’s no other choice. I tell people that for me, driving that car feels like going to the shops in a dress. And I went to the shops in a dress, just to check.

Dr Who – Turn Left

Well, this seemed to drag at odd moments but was a great episode overall. I particularly liked the post-apocalyptic chaos, the Nobles being shoved off to Leeds and so on. My one gripe would be the huge plastic beetle, although it was in the best Who tradition. And who wasn’t moved when the dying TARDIS sighed at Donna’s gentle touch?

important – jellyfish?

Neil Gaiman to write Dr Who episode?

This just in from Big Dumb Object.

electronic pulses


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