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Shouldn’t be flying – notebook scrap


On August 1st I was interviewed for Do You Love Me Like I Love You? – a series of 14 films being made by Jane Pollard and Iain Forsyth to be released in conjunction with the remastered Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds back catalogue. The filming session took place at a recording studio in London.

The two artists will take the films and edit them into montages relating to each album or song. They’re filming in London, New York, Berlin and Melbourne.

I had a great time, and met several interesting people. I was told that the Bad Seeds’ superb bass player Martyn Casey had visited the studio the previous evening. Cor blimey. Casey’s bass playing is one of the best aspects of the Bad Seeds’ music. The bass on the opening to the live version of Tupelo is incredibly powerful.

The filming experience was both facinating and strange. Make up was applied (I asked to be made to look 20 years younger and three stone lighter) then I was shown into the studio. Ten minutes were taken to adjust lighting, check sound and so on. Furthermore, I was told on three separate occasions that I was “very photogenic”! (No, really! I couldn’t believe it either!) I suggested that this is something Jane says to all the boys who step in front of her camera, but she assured me that this isn’t the case at all. Ahem.

I had to talk directly to the camera, in which I could see my own reflection, which was very strange. I became very conscious of what I was saying; if I felt I was making a good point but fluffed a word half-way through – as most people do in everyday conversation – I knew they wouldn’t be able to use it, and so I had to start again. I also wanted to avoid saying things like “um”, “er” and “y’know”.

I think the end result was OK. I hope that something from my contribution is included in the end product.

Only time will tell.


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