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Archive for January, 2009

Remastered Nick Cave albums

According to the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds website the first four remastered albums will be released in March.

“The first four classic albums will be available as remastered collectors editions in March 2009. Each album will come as a CD & DVD set digitally remastered and repckaged with b-sides, videos and new sleeve notes, 5.1 Surround Sound and an exclusive new film about each album by UK artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard. There will be a deluxe box available to hold all 14 reissued studio albums. To be the first to receive more information nd details of a special advance price then make sure you’re signed up to the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds mailing list.

See posts regarding my contribution to the films here and here.

Mick Harvey leaves Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

In a myspace announcement Mick Harvey says:

“For a varie​ty of perso​nal and profe​ssion​al reaso​ns I have chose​n to disco​ntinu​e my ongoi​ng invol​vemen​t with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds​.​ More infor​matio​n and comme​nt will emerg​e in the comin​g days and weeks​ I expec​t.​ After​ 25 years​ I feel I am leavi​ng the band as it exper​ience​s one of its many peaks​;​ in very healt​hy condi​tion,​ and with fanta​stic prosp​ects for the futur​e.​ I’m confi​dent Nick will conti​nue to be a creat​ive force​ and that this is the right​ time to pass on my artis​tic and manag​erial​ role to what has becom​e a treme​ndous​ group​ of peopl​e who can suppo​rt him in his endea​vours​ both music​ally and organ​izati​onall​y.​ It was a fanta​stic exper​ience​ to finis​h my touri​ng days in the band with the recen​t shows​ in Austr​alia and the uniqu​e event​s that took place​ in conju​nctio​n with All Tomor​row’s​ Parti​es,​ espec​ially​ Mt. Bulle​r,​ which​ was one of the many highl​ights​ of my invol​vemen​t with the band throu​ghout​ the years​.​ I shall​ conti​nue worki​ng on the Bad Seeds​ back catal​ogue re-​issue​s proje​ct over the comin​g year and look forwa​rd to the new oppor​tunit​ies I shall​ be able to accom​modat​e as a resul​t of my chang​ed circu​mstan​ces.​​”

A great shame – for me Harvey’s guitar sound was an important part of the Bad Seeds’ sound.

Matt Smith as Dr Who

Initially a stunned silence on our settee but to me Mr Smith looks very, very promising. I suspect he will do both moody and comical particularly well. Good choice, I reckon.


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