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Archive for February, 2009

A sighting… (scraps)

A girl in patent leather shoes with a white fiberglass double-bass case strapped to her back like a rucksack walks along the street looking flushed.

Conflict Anthology

I’m delighted to say that Ian Whates, publisher of the Celebration anthology, has asked me to contribute to his forthcoming “Conflicts” anthology.

Whates says of Conflicts: “[It's to be a] strongly SF themed book… If things work out as planned, there will be a signed limited edition — 150 or so.”

Whates has already accepted stories from several well-known SF authors, with more contributing.

Skins dream

My wife and I are forced to move house.
We visit a shared property.
It is quiet when we get there and we are given a bedroom on the first floor.
We and the kids move in.
On our first night there the place is like the scene from the Skins trailer: people having sex in the kitchen, up against the cupboards, next to someone washing up.
Huge noise and loud music.
We can’t stay here. What about the kids? We can’t let them see these things/be exposed to this.
But we’ve paid £1025 in rent and have nowhere to go.


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