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Start Wreck (Star Trek – see, it’s a pun)

Took my kids to see Star Trek last night. 9-year old loved the trailer and was desperate to see the film. As it was she cringed and hid her eyes through most of it. “Too much… kaboosh!” she said, waving her arms when we came out. Good point.

Had I watched it first I wouldn’t have taken her to see it. Guess I’ll have to go back to pre-viewing complete movies first. My 11-year old didn’t seem too impressed, but he’d spent the afternoon kayaking and surfing.

Fun to begin with but for anyone lacking any knowledge of Star Trek and its history quite a lot of old tosh really.
Quite a lot of coincidences.
Was it just me or did the Romulans not look like Romulans at all?
The guy who played Bones was great. Also reminded me of the bass player from Blur.
Chekov’s accent somewhat OTT.
Sulu’s magical expanding sword unconvincing.
The scene at the beginning with the baby being born and the orchestral music was Hollywood at it’s most sentimental and corny.
The relationship between Uhura and Spock was overdone, as was Kirk.
The souped-up Enterprise looked about as elegant as an elephant in a dress.
I like the modernised beaming effect.

Someone should roll The Affinity Trap, The Destiny Mask and The Liberty Gun into one and make a film of it. Put someone moody in the role of Delgado. I always imagined Gary Oldman but he might be a bit old now. David Bowie? Why not. And of course someone sexy and curvaceous in the female lead. Now that would be a movie! Maybe.

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