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Archive for August, 2009

Shopping observations

Expensive shops are cool and empty.
Cheap shops are hot and crowded.
Empty shops with five staff standing around are off-putting.
I have expensive taste, and am sometimes cool, sometimes hot and often off-putting.

Youths, beer, glass dream

a hotel or shopping centre, indoors
kids / youths misbehaving
i don’t see this
people I am with (Jim, Rose, others) decide to tackle them
we stand by doorways, watching for them as crowds pass
i don’t know who I’m looking for; watch the others for signs of recognition

now outside
a large yellow skip filled with rubbish
large glass windows reflect the street, people walking
we are standing on the road next to the skip
it is on a hill
i look up
a man places a beer glass on a first-floor stone windowsill, even though the window is closed
he is skinny, looks rough
he opens the window, knocks the glass to the pavement
the glass explodes, leaving huge shards pointing upwards
the man tuts
the beer runs from the pavement towards the gutter
a girl approaches one of the largest jags of glass
i call to her to leave it

School Fire dream

Sunny day. Blue sky. Parched grass.
I see someone set fire to rubbish on a bank of earth outside the school.
It catches quickly.
No-one calls the fire service.
As I walk home I look back, see smoke rising, large flames.
Decide to call them myself.
Fumble with my mobile.
Geordie man who answers pauses and stalls.
He’s talking either to himself or to someone who is with him.
He’s taking no notice of me, not asking details about the fire.
I realise that by the time he has gathered the necessary information the fire will have burned itself out.

Thom Yorke dream – 22/08/09

Rose and I are recording a track somewhere.
A studio complex.
It’s dark, like a club. Crowded.
Lots of stairs and small rooms. Very busy.
Full of music industry professionals.
Radiohead are working in the same building.
We meet Jonny Greenwood.
He introduces us to Thom Yorke.
We ask Yorke if he will play something on our recording, just so we can say he has. Anything.
He offers to tap two pieces of metal on top of a filing cabinet, but seems reluctant, as if he gets asked to do this sort of thing every other day.
We play the track.
As far as someone tapping two pieces of metal on top of a filing cabinet goes, it’s genius.
Rose returns. Asks me how it sounded.
I say it’s great. Someone’s mixing the track and that will really bring it out.
The members of Radiohead observe our conversation, silent and impassive.


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