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Robert Holdstock – untimely death of a true gentleman

I’m both shocked and genuinely saddened by the news that writer Robert Holdstock has died this weekend following a short illness. He was 61.

I first met Rob at a convention in Hinkley. It must’ve been around 2002 or 2003. That same weekend I also met Ian MacLeod for the first time. Rob and Ian were then being published by Earthlight with John Jarrold at the helm, and John was in the process of bringing my own novels to publication.

The three of us crammed into the back of a taxi, and were taken to a restaurant and treated to a Chinese meal by our publisher. I remember the evening vividly: I suddenly found myself among people I’d read and aspired to be like. I felt as if I’d “made it”.

I’ve met Rob several times since then, most recently at the Arthur C Clarke Award ceremony in London earlier in 2009. As usual, Rob was full of beans, enthusiastic about writing, and always happy to spare some time to talk to a newcomer such as myself.

Robert Holdstock was a true gentleman, and a top bloke. He will be sadly missed.

Robert Holdstock website

Where are you now, Adrian Dyson?

Around 25 years ago a lad I was at school with was killed when the motorbike he was riding crashed into a tree. A 50cc something or other. L-plates and everything.

It was all Band Aid and Toy Dolls. Howard Jones and Nik Kershaw. Way back when.

I think of him sometimes. He was a good kid. Successfully managed to cruise the difficult border between the ordinary kids and the hard kids. Did a lot of laughing. Had a little brother we called Little Dosser.

Then he died. No more visits to the chippy by the Tam O’ Shanter. No more zipping around Coton Green. Across the railway line. Past the Fox.

So much has changed since then.

He wouldn’t even recognise most of the roads.

Where are you now, Dosser?


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