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Archive for April, 2010

Lights in the sky

A friend of mine sent me an SMS message saying he’d seen a UFO. Something orange in the sky. Asked me what I thought. I told him my wife and I saw something weird in the sky a while back near our home. A strange angled metallic object. It was motionless one moment, nowhere to be seen the next.

Personally, while I believe there are undoubtedly other civilisations out there somewhere, I don’t believe we have visitors: surely if they had the tech necessary to get here from light years distant, surely they would have the tech necessary to avoid all forms of detection…

What do you think?

The stack o’ books by my bed

A variety of classics old and new.

Conflicts anthology now available

The Conflicts anthology, which includes my own story Songbirds, is now available from NewCon Press.

Thirteen tales of human striving, of ingenuity, brilliance, desperate action, violence, and resolution. Thirteen tales of Conflict, of Science Fiction at its absolute best.

Conflicts anthology cover by Andy Bigwood

Artwork: Andy Bigwood


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